93 XJ

tube winch bumper with stinger and recover tabs.

 “Devin and his Dad were very helpful when it came to designing the bumper.  At first I wasn't so sure about the exact style of bumper I wanted. After consulting with Devin for several days and a lot of picture swapping, I finally decided.  When I arrived at their shop I was greeted with open arms. Devin and his Dad went over all the ideas again with me and off I went.  Upon my return I was very nervous to see the outcome of the newest addition to my jeep.  I saw the bumper and was extremely pleased!  They fabricated my bumper EXACTLY as I pictured it in my head. From one "Jeeper" to another I highly recommend Devin and his dad. They did an outstanding job.
93 XJ”--Jason 

96 Land Rover Discovery

Land rover discovery winch bumper with reovery tabs

The guys at Classic Off Road hooked me up with a great custom winch bumper exactly how i wanted it. Crazy strong and doesn't make a bunch of noise cruising down the road.   they were very professional and helped me with my design.   Thanks guys! I'll be back for more. 


Jeep TJ

jeep tj Body mount repair

Thanks so much for fixing the mounts. they look awesome. you guys rock! your workmanship and customer service is top notch. ill be sure to throw more business our way.  


Xj cherokee


Wow! It makes the jeep look like its moving while its standing still.  I think when my jeepin homies see it they are going to hit you up for more.   

Panamint Paul 

Found the perfect early Bronco

Thank you guys for helping me find the perfect Early Bronco.   After we met with 8 different private sellers and 4 Bronco "specialty" shops I found the perfect early bronco and i look forward to having it built my way.   If i would have gone to the shops alone i would have gotten so ripped off.   I cant thank you enough for the time and professionalism.    

International Scout


 I brought my Scout to Devin and his crew, they did what they said they  would do and had it done when they said it would be done. Didn’t get any  phone calls asking for more time or money. Awesome guys, great work! 

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1986 CJ7


 When  I was finally able to retire and enjoy life, I decided to get that  little Jeep I always wanted.  I looked around and found a nice 86 CJ7 in  fair condition.  It had the 4.2L strait 6 engine with the original  carb, which kept getting clogged on the trail.  The frame and body also  needed a little work, but when I saw it I knew this was the vehicle I  always wanted.  I purchased this jewel in the rough to carry me back into the Sierra  Nevada foothills  and enjoy the areas I packed into as a young man.   What I wanted was a vehicle for 2, me and my co-pilot, and room for  enough gear for a long weekend.  I started looking for a shop to work  with and got an endless stream of young bucks telling me what I needed  instead of listening to what I wanted, until I found Devin and his team  at Classic Off-road.  From the moment I met Devin,  I knew I finally found a team that truly  loves and appreciates classics, both me and my Jeep.  They actually  listened to ME and WE came up with a design and plan that ultimately  gave me the trail Jeep I enjoy today.  If you want YOUR project to be what YOU want, finished on time and on  budget, give Classic Off-Road a call.  I'm glad I did!!  ps  Devin's posted a write up on my build, check it out!  

Early Bronco 1 piece window kit

one piece door window kit fro early bronco

  I really like the new windows and Devin did a flawless job installing them. Thank you Devin