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1986 Jeep CJ7


This truck was built to the customers specs for a great sierras trail truck.   Almost every nut and bolt has been addressed.  It is a no frills rig capable of getting you down the harshest of trails and back home again.   

No More Wing Windows

Recently a customer Contacted us about installing some one piece door windows for his early bronco.   We have seen a few of these kinds of kits installed on early broncos and they look very cool to us and add a level of security to hard top broncos. However we had never installed one so we were excited to try one out.    We received the bronco and the door kit and went to work.   The kit was made by Mike Neuer at Mikes Metal Worx in Covina California.   At first glance this was a much better kit then others we had seen.  The quality of the parts and the workmanship in the custom parts was top notch.   After calling Mike and asking a few Questions about the install we were off.   The kit installed pretty easy, especially using our shop plasma cutter in place of a cut off wheel on a grinder.   The instructions were clear and the whole install including taking out the old windows and related hardware was about 3 hours. Once everything was in we made a few minor adjustments and we had both windows working perfectly.   The new regulators are smooth both up and down, the new felt and trim was soft and formed easily to the doors and the glass was crystal clear with a good finish on the edges.      At classic Off-Road we love old but we also love retro modding old, and we think this one piece window kit adds to the early bronco lines. To us they made the bronco feel more open and less cramped. Also If you wanted to move the mirrors forward on the door this would now be possible since the wing window would not be in the line of sight.   If your thinking about this Modification we encourage you to try the Mikes Metal Worx kits.